DownForMe.org was started with a true purpose of benefiting those who are in search of assurance and confirmation. There are so many technical reasons a website may not load in your web browser, so a sure fire way is to determine if a website is down at the server level, and not just giving the impression that it is down for you.

Web servers go down and come up without warning. Many web servers only experience a brief moment of downtime due to server overload or small power outages. However websites go down for extended periods of time due to bigger problems like large scale power outages, hackers, or invalid configurations from webmasters.

Now, just because a website shows as down - does not mean it is down for everyone. Other variables like company firewalls or country of origin restrictions can give a false positive. The first step is of course to test the website or ip address of the service you are checking here on our website, but it is always good to follow up and ensure you don't have any local restrictions that would prevent you from accessing the website in question.

Wouldn't it be great to know that you had a tool on hand to verify if a website is really down for everyone, or if it just down for me! That is where we created DownForMe.org. DownForMe.org assists in confirming if a website is truly down, or if you should look elsewhere for the reason you are not experiencing a full page load like your web browser or Internet connection.

Enjoy our service, it is completely free and highly accurate. DownForMe.org delivers assurance for your website checking needs!

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DownForMe.org is the best place online to see if a website is down for just you, or if it is actually down for everyone. With the huge growth of the Internet, and new websites being launched everyday, DownForMe.org helps confirm when websites are offline so you will know!
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