Website Time Out Connection Errors

Were you recently trying to visit Facebook, Google, or Amazon and after a few minutes you received a website time out error on your connection? This can happen often for a few different reasons but how do you know if it the website you are heading to or your own connection generating the error.

Te time out connection happens when a website will not load. The normal reasons are either the website is down or you have lost your Internet connection at your home or office or you mobile broadband service. Try these two tests to see which one will help you find out why you are receiving the website time out connection error.

Test 1

Try navigating to a different website by replacing the URL in your browser bar with something else like and see if it loads. You can either start a new web browser like Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to try it.

Does that website pull up? Should another website pull up there is a better chance that the website you originally tried to load is down. You can check if a website is down here using our tool and see what the status is.

If you can not get to any website proceed to Test 2.

Test 2

In Test 2 you can test other websites and your email connection. Can you get to anything out of your local network? No access to anything on the Internet means that your connection is offline and you are not receiving a signal. Try rebooting your computer and wireless router or your mobile device to see if a connection is restored and the error has went away. When rebooting does not solve you should contact your ISP or broadband provider to discuss the issues and troubleshoot the website connection time out error.

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