Free Website Monitoring Benefits You

Website monitoring is used so you do not have to watch your website 24/7/365 and keep an eye if it is online or not. A free website monitoring service can do that watching for you.

Staying a step ahead of your visitors by using an alert monitor on your website gives you an advantage to prevent revenue or reputation loss. Know what is going on and what is up is crucial to your success on the Internet.

Different website monitors do different things and have a multitude of features. For this instance we are focusing on uptime and downtime monitoring. With today’s monitor features they use header status code checks every few minutes to ping if a website is online or offline. Alert methods include email, SMS, RSS, and even Twitter.

Other tools include iPhone or Android apps integrated with a website availability service. Even Instant Messenger alerts are available like on Skype, AOL, or Yahoo Messenger. Most users choose email as their preferred form of being alerted.

Using worldwide checkpoints to prevent error is best for a real website monitoring service and this prevents any false alarms from only DNS servers being down and not the website or IP address of the website itself.

Exchange ActiveSync can be used to monitor email hosting servers uptime if you are not worried about websites. Including SSL that means Secure Socket Layer for HTTPs secure websites are in the new push to be included in the features of free website monitors that you can use.

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