How To Check If A Website Is Down

Checking to see if a website is down is a very easy process when you use to do it. Earlier we wrote about many of the reasons that a website could go down, like hackers, server problems, or even an issue on your end. Now we talk further about checking to see if a website is down for everyone or just you.

Your first step to check if a website is down is to launch your favorite web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on Windows PC’s. Mac OSX comes loaded with the Safari web browser.

Pick one of these mentioned or a third party like the Opera browser and start a new tab or windows and enter in the URL bar.

Press enter and our website will load the homepage for you where you will see a large lookup box at the top center under the heading of “Is it down for everyone or just me”. Look for the box inside which has the words “Enter Website” and here you will type in the website you want to check like,,, or and then press the large blue verify button to begin the lookup.

After pressing enter our service will check the website status of what you entered and display a report to show if it is up or down. If it is up, you will be greeted by a green alert saying so along with some general stats and status history.

If the website is down then you will be shown a red alert with a comment system below with possible reactions left by others who have questioned the same website status. If the website is popular you can usually see other comments there that might help you determine what is going on.

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