Why Do Websites Go Down?

There it went! Your favorite website just go down? When navigating to it in your web browser have you discovered that the page won’t load or it spools and spools with no response? Could your favorite website have went down?

Those scenarios are possible for a wide variety of reasons. In this growing age of technology we put a huge demand on web hosting and servers across the world to keep things moving. If Facebook is down or Google then many people realize it very quickly. Other smaller website are not always found as quick.

Some of the reasons website go down are mostly technical in nature. Things like hackers taking a website offline with a DDoS attack (Denial of Service) to overwhelm the website. Other times like servers locking up or becoming overloaded with traffic can happen.

Sometimes you will see a website go down when the company or person hosting it has forgotten to pay their hosting bill or decided not to renew it and end the life of the project. Another reason can be from websites being brought down for database maintenance or a server reboot. DNS (Domain Name Servers) can also become clogged with routing issues from an Internet Service Provider and causes a website to become unavailable.

Checking to see if a website is down or offline is possible with Downforme.org which helps you determine if a website is down for everyone or only you. If it is only you, then check things like your web browser by clearing the cache and cookies or rebooting your computer or home router.

Whatever brought your favorite website down is sure to be resolved soon and you can continue to check the status of it until it comes back up and is available again.

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